Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life and Her New Boyfriend Andrew

by Social Norms

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Produced by Daniel Collins at Earwicker Studios in Lemont, PA
Written by Social Norms (Joseph Dabney and Daniel Collins)

Social Norms is Joseph Dabney and Daniel Collins
Joseph Dabney - Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar
Daniel Collins - Bass, Guitar, Violin


released February 27, 2016

All music written by Social Norms (Joseph Dabney and Daniel Collins)
All design work by Perry Shall (www.perryshall.com)

Social Norms is Joseph Dabney and Daniel Collins

Vocals on "Up Late" and "Sweet Jenni" by Jordan Krinsky
Vocals on "...Bingo Players" and "I Miss You" by Maria Moreira



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Social Norms Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Tassels
The first time I ever went to her place she sat on her bed and stared at my face. She said, "The tassels on your loafers look like anchovies." And that you need to stop wearing button down shirts. The second time I ever went in her room we drank PBR and Everclear. And then we kissed and went into her hallway where she said, "We should've made out in the library." When she acted snobby it used to make me smile. But I would die a little, each time, on the inside. If you miss me darling just know that I still try to find the perfect leather when I browse through loafers. She told me not to come over anymore, 'cause the last time I did I threw up on her floor. I'm not sure why she's always so mean to me; I'm a pretty nice guy to have as a friend. But we are not right for one another so I guess we should never make out ever again.
Track Name: Next to You
Please tell me what you want to do on your birthday. I want to be your only one. I want to be right next to you.
Track Name: Overly Aggressive Bingo Players
Last night, last night we went out. Went out to see, to see what we could, what we could get, get for the money, that we had made, made from the bingo we played. Last night, last night we passed out, we passed out, passed out from all, from all the drinking, from the drinking we did, did with the money, that we had made, made from the bingo we played.
Track Name: Bridegroom
tonight i'll leave for good. we'll part ways once more like we should. but i wish you'd write me just once. i'd reply with a postcard, it's not much. but i mean what i say. i wish you could stay. but it's for the better anyway. did you change? was it me? or was it you? did it fade? wear away? what did we do? to make this all seem, like a distant dream. and break something so sweet. because i have been thinking all this time on all the miles we used to drive. and we'd fight like we were married. we'd fight like we were married. and i have been hoping all this time that you would finally stop by and say "hi how have you been doing?" and i hoped you'd come around. i hoped you'd come around. we'd spent the night in your car with the view of the park there you are in my backseat. oh how nice it would be to see such a thing--you and me together again.
Track Name: Up Late
i stayed for four weeks longer. 'cause i thought you'd change your mind. but you told me to go there faster. 'cause you didn't change your heart. i walked straight through the winter to your place to see your eyes. i threw debris and ice at your window to wake you up so you would come outside. we stayed up late and talked for hours. on your balcony it was cold as ever. and you told me that you're going to norway. while i study teeth at school in philly. she slept close to me. and in her eyes i found time. she slept close to me. at the party we went to on thursday. i drank too much and barely made it back. i looked for you in a maze of frozen sidewalks. the new year came but you had gone away.
Track Name: I Miss You
i'm walking home. i'm all alone. i have the spins with a mile to go. and i miss you. yeah, i miss you. i miss you. can we get high? and spend the night beneath the sky on your rooftop. 'cause i miss you. yeah, i miss you. (alone, alone)